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    The long standing policy of the Chesapeake Tartan 30 Association (CT30A) regarding commercial enterprises, and their products and services, is essentially as follows.
    First, the CT30A has always been an OWNER's association.   Unlike many organizations centered on a particular brand or model of boat, ours has never had any affiliation with the boat builder, or any boat dealer, or any other commercial organization.
    Second, individuals writing for any of the CT30A publications (including this website) sometimes recommend for or against the use of specific commercially-available products or services --- including things that worked (or failed), sources of hard-to-find parts or valuable advice, or simply which items they used in a particular installation on their boat.  Appearance of these recommendations in the CT30A publications, whether or not accompanied by substantive opposing views, should not be construed as CT30A agreement or endorsement of said recommendations.
    In addition, while reasonable effort has been made to assure that the information published by the CT30A is accurate, useful, or at least interesting to its readers, the CT30A is not responsible for errors, omissions or inaccuracies, nor for the consequences of actions based on the information it has published.  CT30A publications and its website, like the Tartan 30 itself, are just for fun. Caveat lector applies here.


Last modified: 03/17/03